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            · Sichuan University leaders to our company to investigate and reach a preliminary 2016/12/27
            · Warmly celebrate our company successfully listed three new board 2016/3/17
            · I Division for the restructuring of joint-stock limited company, renamed the "Gu 2015/9/29
            · Our 2014/12/24
            · Our company has been identified as the Guangdong Province in 2013 second batch o 2014/5/18
            · Our company passed the ISO9001:2008 QMS and the ISO14001:2004 EMS certification 2013/10/24
            · Environmental laws and regulations 2014/10/1
            · ISO14001 implementation work has entered the stage of preparation of documents a 2013/7/6
            · Celebrating warmly the opening ceremony of Chaoli administrators training class 2013/7/6
            · Guangdong Chaoli Motor Co.,Ltd 2013/6/17
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